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Why Prints are Important

The First Known Photograph

Here in Austin, at the HRC (Harry Ransom Center),  they have a vast archive of photographs. The HRC acquired the Gernsheim collection, which is the cornerstone of the center’s photography collection.  Included in the Gernsheim collection was the oldest photograph.  It is there, on display, for us to see and enjoy nearly 200 years later.


The First photo

The First Photograph, or more specifically, the earliest known surviving photograph made in a camera, was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827.


Did you know that Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), one of the Victorian Era’s major literary figures was also a significant photographer of that time?  The Harry Ransom Center holds a number of loose prints as well as several albums created by Dodgson.  His photography depicted, in his style, portraits of children, family members , and his acquaintances.  These were portraits of people that were important to him.  The actual prints and printed albums are still here, after all of this time, for us to enjoy.


Portraiture of Lewis Carroll

Rev. Charles L. Dodgson. “Xie Kitchin as Penelope Boothby”. 1875–1876.


Where Are Your Images?

I find the history of photography fascinating.   So much has changed since the first photograph nearly 200 years ago.  A lot has changed in the past 30 years.  Technology has changed the way we look at things.  We consume imagery at a pretty huge rate.  Pictures are everywhere.  We can take a photograph with our phones and post it for all the world to see in an instant.  People today take more photographs than every before.

I recently read an article titled “The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years!” by Mike Yost.  He discusses the rapid pace in which technology becomes obsolete.  How we’ve got an entire generation of people whose photographs live online or only on their digital devices.  It is important to get those images offline and printed to have to share with future generations.

Prints are Important

I understand the need to have digital files, but I passionately believe that having a professional print is important.  Your important, personal images should have a life other than on your digital devices or online.  Those can be so easily lost with a system update or the accidental click of a button.  I love how printing an image transforms it into something else.  I’ve ordered the cutest little photo magnets from Sticky9.com.  It was such a cute Instagram series of photos that included portraits of my family.  These were so cute I ordered extras to give as gifts that Christmas.

Insta Ladybug Macro

This series was printed as cute little magnets by Sticky9.com

Why you need Prints, too.

I want to have photographs to share with future generations.  Yes, I like to have a digital copy, but having the print is what is important to me.  This is why I offer my portrait clients packages that include both prints and digital images.  I want my clients to have heirloom quality pieces of art to display in their homes.  Professional prints will stand the test of time and still be there after the current technology becomes obsolete.

Austin Fine Art Printing

I print all of my Fine Art Prints in house on Hahnemühle Fine Art papers.


Did you know there are apps that allow you to print your online photos to a book or other types of printed objects?  Do you ever print any of your Instagrams or phone images?



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