Newborn Session Edit with Upright Transform

Newborn Session Edit with Upright Transform

As a professional photographer I’m always learning.  Our tools are constantly updating.  We’re constantly training.  Always.

There have been some cool new features added to the most recent updates of Photoshop and Lightroom CC.  These features may have been there, but have been changed to do a better job over the previous versions or are similar tools, but work different.

Sometimes we go back and have a play with images from past sessions.  Last night, while trying to demonstrate a task to a fellow photographer I pulled open an older newborn portrait and had a play.  I was demonstrating how I deal with glare and how I sometimes tackle burning down a bright area.  Here is the final image and my process to get me here.

Floral Nest Newborn 2016

Here is the before image.  I just couldn’t get high enough to shoot directly from above so the perspective was skewed.  You can see props from a previous set-up and my little space heater that

keeps baby cozy during the session.  Also that’s one of the legs to my light stand.  All things that won’t be in the final image.

Before newborn floral nest 2016

The first thing I wanted to do last night was take care of the perspective issue if possible.  I was already in Photoshop so I used a cool little feature where you can access Adobe Camera Raw through the Filters Menu.  Filters > Camera Raw and it brings up ACR.

Once in ACR you click the Transform tool at the top left of the screen and then click the Auto Button on the Transform Panel.

You can do the same thing in LR, too.  Just go down to the Transform Panel in the Develop Module and click Auto.

From there I cropped the image, cloned out the bits that were left over from the transform process and then did a little dodging and burning to get rid of the glare on the backdrop and it was ready for my creative edit process.

Here is a side by side of the before and after for comparison.

Newborn Session Before and After

This is why I never delete images that might not make the cut.  Sometimes I go back through and find a beautiful image that I wasn’t quite sure how to process to get it to where I wanted it to be.  I discovered the updated transform tools a little while ago, but when I was scrolling through my image catalog in Lightroom I knew I needed to try it on this image.  I am so happy that I did.   This image wasn’t processed previously.  Now that I’ve corrected the perspective I’ve ordered a big sample for my studio wall.


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