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Milk and Cereal Bath Session

Milk (and Cereal) Bath Session

I had so much fun photographing this cutie in the bath.  I decided to do a milk bath session for kiddos and to make it fun we threw some cereal in.  It was cute and it was fun.  Kiddo thought so, too.

Noah Milk (and cereal) Bath 1 valerie kay photography austin child phtoographer,

He had a great time swimming around in the milky water.  He even thought it was funny when I threw some Fruit Loops in.  He even grabbed for the box to add some himself.

Milk (and cereal) Bath Session 2 valerie kay photography austin child photographer

So little man is cute and having fun swimming around in his milk bath with a little bit of cereal floating around.  It was cool.  He was having fun.  Really.  So I added more cereal.

Milk (and cereal) Bath Session 3 valerie kay photography austin child photographer

And suddenly he was no longer thrilled with the cereal filled milk bath.  He was done.

Done. Milk (and cereal) Bath Session 4 valerie kay photography austin child photographer

So we wrapped up the session and cleaned up our mess from the Milk (and cereal) Bath Session .

And I noticed the rug in the master bedroom and moved my lights around to photograph Rufus. 

I really wanted to photograph this sweet pup on that rug.  I had to.  So I did.


What I didn’t know at the time was Rufus was not a pup, but a little old man. 


This morning I received a message that he’s gone to heaven and in memorial wanted to share his portrait here, too.

That day I was compelled to make this portrait.  I’m glad that I did.



Rest in peace sweet Rufus.

Milk (and cereal) Bath Session Rufus' turn. Valerie Kay Photography Austin Pet photographer

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
- A.A. Milne-


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