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More than Just a Digital Print

In the Fall I had the opportunity to attend a lecture by David Robert Farmerie at Austin Community College.  He was there as a representative of Hahnemuhle Fine Art. He brought with him examples of digital prints, cyanotypes, and something he called a “digital emulsion transfer” for us to see and feel. I was very intrigued by the transfers and went home and started researching how to make digital transfers. Mr Farmerie’s transfers were very much like the Polaroid Emulsion Lift technique.

I found plenty examples of Polaroid transfers.  I found some digital emulsion lifts. I tried several. Including something called an Alcohol Float Transfer. This called for floating your print in a bath of 91% Isopropyl Alcohol until the image begins to release from the film and then transferring said image to the receiving surface.


Fine Art Digital Transfer

Nandina with Rain Drops – Alcohol Float Transfer © 2014 Valerie Steinkoenig

I kept looking for the digital emulsion transfer, but I never found a good tutorial for the process. However, I’m still looking.  There is a place in Spain that will make the prints for you and I might give them a try, but I was really looking to make the print myself.  I did come across other types of image transfers.  Some of these transfer types I’ve seen before.  They require prints printed on basic printer paper and Mod Podge as a transfer medium.

Mod Podge Photo Transfer courtesy of Living at Home

Mod Podge Photo Transfer courtesy of Finding Home

Basically, with the Mod Podge Photo Transfer, you use a glue to adhere the paper print to the surface you’re transferring to, allow the glue to dry, and then you rub the paper away after wetting it with some water.   This was not what I was looking for.  I wanted a better way to transfer an inkjet print.

In my next blog post I’ll describe the transfer process I found that I’ve enjoyed the most.  Have you ever been this obsessed with finding out how to do something that you just can’t stop searching?


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