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This year the Bluebonnets in and around Austin are amazing. I guess the wet winter and early spring was just perfect for them to grow. I can’t ever remember seeing such huge fields of Bluebonnets so close to home before. The only other time I’ve seen a huge field of Bluebonnets was camping at Canyon of the Eagles with my Son’s Cub scout troupe a year ago. That was like a sea of Bluebonnets growing in the dry lake bed. It was also the first time I had actually been able to smell the flowers.

When I drove into Brushy Creek Lake Park, to meet clients, I knew that there were a lot of wildflowers. I could see them from the street. However, I didn’t realize that they were so thick and bountiful that I could smell them here, too. I had my favorite little assistant with me to help scout the location for a Mom and Me Session for later in the day. It was a cloudy, cloudy day, but I was was sure we would be able to get some beautiful portraits in the field of flowers despite the gray skies.

Walking in the Bluebonnets



We found a beautiful spot and later when my clients arrived we got some beautiful portraits of Christine and her girls. The sky cleared up a bit and we got some of that beautiful, creamy light that you can only find after a rain when the clouds begin to clear.

Mom and Me Bluebonnet Session

After a while we wandered over near the lake and found the little pier was empty. Usually when I am in the park for a session there are people fishing off of the pier. I was very happy to be able to include it in this session. The girls were ready for the session to end so that they could run and play in the park, but I was able to get some wonderful individual portraits and one of them holding hands looking out over the water. It’s one of my favorites from the session.

Brushy Creek PIer Portrait

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
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