About Your Newborn Session

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little one! Newborn portraits capture all of those fleeting, tiny little nuanced details of your precious new baby.  Here are some of the important details about your newborn session with Valerie Kay Photography.

The best time to photograph your newborn is between 6 and 16 days. This is the sleepiest, squishiest time.  Most newborn session poses require baby to be in a very deep sleep and these first weeks is the optimal time.  For this reason it is important to schedule your Newborn Session as far in advance as possible. My schedule often fills months in advance so in order to book your preferred date you should contact me early. If you are interested in maternity portraits you should inquire about booking a Maternity Session or the Belly to Baby Plan as early as the end of your first trimester.

newborn swaddled in purple with bear newborn portfolio


While this this is the sleepiest time for your newborn, each baby is different and not all babies are willing to be posed in all positions. As a rule I follow baby’s cues when it comes to posing. If baby does not easily settle into a position I move on. Newborn sessions are baby led.  Your newborn’s comfort and safety is my number one concern.  I’ve attended newborn photography safety workshops, online classes, and have trained, in person, with some of the best newborn photographer’s in the country.

Your newborn session can last up to four hours.  This allows for plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes, and baby snuggles as I gently soothe baby back to sleep between poses.  You’ll sit for your first family portrait with the new baby.  Siblings are welcome,too.  The studio is kept very warm to ensure baby’s comfort.  I keep the studio’s temperature around 78 degrees and run a space heater at my workstations to keep baby from feeling chilled.  You may consider dressing in layers, because while baby is cozy, warm, and happy we may feel as though we’re in a hot yoga studio.


about your newborn session cute newborn portrait baby details in black and white


While you are at the studio I provide light refreshments.  I always have soft-drinks, water, and coffee available in the studio’s kitchen as well as snack bars, crackers, and other simple snacks.  You’re welcome to bring anything you need for your comfort while you’re in the studio.  There are also a couple of yummy options (Taco Deli, la patisserie, and Kolache Shoppe) near the studio if one of you wishes to run out and grab a snack to bring back.

After baby arrives and we set a final date for your session I’ll email you my newborn session prep guide.  This will give you an even better idea of what to expect during your newborn session at Valerie Kay Photography.  It lists out steps to take and what to bring to help ensure a successful session.

Interested in booking?  I’d love to chat with you about your newborn session.